Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Adventures in Sewing

Although I am mostly a paper crafter I have tried my hand at a couple of sewing projects. Since I grew up in a house where my mom made all of my sister’s and I Halloween costumes, Easter dresses, Christmas dresses and lot of other items, I figured I had to follow suit.  The first attempt was a dinosaur costume for my oldest son.  I tried but over the course of that October I ended up sewing that stupid tail on wrong twice and in the end with Halloween looming I had to phone a friend who knew how to sew to help me get it done in time for the Halloween Parade at Pre-school.  Thanks Carrie! After that experience I decided we are the store Halloween costume type.  But two years later I was ready to try it again.  This time the phone calls were to my mom to help me muddle though.  And I did.

So when my friend was expecting a baby and had moved away I decided I could easily sew up some baby bibs as a gift, since I had so much more experience. (2 Halloween costumes consisting of 4 pieces of clothing- definitely filling out the resume) And I was right, those things are super easy.  Why didn’t I start with that kind of sewing project? The only tricky part was I wanted to do a button closure but luckily since my mom was visiting she was able to show me how to do button holes on my sewing machine.  As it turns out it is pretty easy with my machine since it has a special button hole foot.  She likes it so much (hers is a Kenmore that is at least 30 years old and has no such special foot) she is having me bring it to her house over the holidays so she can finish up some of her projects. Since it was so easy and fast, I we even whipped up some burp rags to match.

When it came time to package them up I used Mindy Terasawa’s Howdy Cowboy digital kit to make a cute tag to go along with the cowboy theme.  I really liked how the whole project turned out.



  1. Wow, Tricia, what a great and impressive ift you made!

  2. What is even better than seeing a super cute gift on a blog? Getting that super cute item as a gift! THANKS! I always make things and rarely get handmade things in return. Loved it!



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