Thursday, February 17, 2011

I wanna ride a boat

Hello, sorry it was so quiet around the old blog but we were on a family vacation. The getting ready for it and unpacking has left little time and energy to craft. So now that we are back and all the clean clothes are back in the closet (the same can not be said for the luggage) I should be able to craft a bit this weekend. 

But for now here are a few pictures from our vacation and a few tidbits about our trip to the World.

We had fun meeting Pooh and the gang at the Crystal Palace on our first morning at the Magic Kingdom. Z insisted on drawing a picture of the character after they signed their autograph.  He is so into drawing right now. Over the course of the trip we added to the autograph book even getting Darth Vader to sign it.

This was the "I wanna ride a boata" trip. That is all my youngest wanted to do. It all started when Mr Sunny and Z went to ride Soarin'  I took H over to ride the Land.  If you have been there you now there isn't much to this ride and the line was super short, so why not. Since Huddy bear was starting to act like a bear I made a big deal about being on a boat which translates to just saying the word boat as much as possible.  Well, it seem to work he calmed down and started to look around and when we got to the farm part he started pointing out "trees" and "fish".  So later in the day when it was my turn to ride Soarin' with Z, Mr. Sunny stayed outside of the Land building.  As he was watching the people go by he could hear Huddy Bear saying something over and over but could not make it out so he got down to listen and he kept saying "I wanna ride a boata, I wanna ride a boata". And really it continued all week along with "I wanna ride a choo-choo train". So each time we rode on a boat or a ride that had a boat we made a big deal and he was so happy, in fact our last ride of the trip was the boat ride in mexico after our last dinner. But sadly little Huddy bear was asleep but we all chanted "I wanna ride a boat" before we got on anyways. 

 I will share more pictures soon but these were the few I edited this morning.
So as tigger would say TTFN ( Ta-Ta for now).

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