Saturday, April 9, 2011

Birthday Invites

Since I don't have anything new I thought I would dig into my archives to find a project I did. So since it is my oldest birthday weekend I have a birthday invite I did for my his birthday party 2 years ago. I love using digital scrapbooking supplies for Birthday invites and then printing them at costco.  I find it a time/money saver. For these I printed them out as 5x7s.

Bowling Birthday Invites


  1. This is adorable! What a great solution for invites. I must remember this for upcoming grad parties!

  2. So ,did you make this? What a cute invite , and neat idea, take care

  3. Cool invite! I love the bowling theme!

  4. Love the style you have chosen for the invite :-)

  5. This is seriously cute. What a great idea. Now, if only someone would sit with me and teach me how to do digital pages, etc!

  6. So you get to live with the strong personality of an Aries, too. These are great invitations. What did you plan for Zane's fifth birthday?
    Bet you're lovin' this month's PTI release, Tricia.



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