Friday, August 3, 2012

Craftaway Studio Weekend Retreat Part 2

Today I have the rest of the house at Craftaway Studios to share with you. If you missed part 1 of this weekend retreat you can find it here. Let me answer a question that came up from my last post- yes all the stamps, dies, ink, paper and ribbon is free to use.  We were amazed by the amount of goodies we could use. And the rest of the house was just as great as the studio space. Here is the fully functional kitchen with a frig that is stock with all kinds of drinks.

But my favorite has to be the butler's pantry that had all kind of snacks to keep us able to stay up late into the night to keep crafting. I mean seriously is this not the cutest set up ever? And I will admit that the jar with the Hersey's nuggets was not this full when we left.

Here is the dinning room so you didn't get any food on your crafty projects.  There were two dinning table in this room but it did not feel overcrowded.

Here is the living room if you just want to sit and relax.

Here is what one of the bedrooms look like when you first arrive. 

And because I forgot to take a picture of our room when we first arrived, here is what it might look like after having enjoyed a wonderful crafting weekend.

I would love to show you the wonderful bathroom which were attached to the bedrooms but I couldn't get a good picture.  But believe me they were just as great. We really enjoyed our weekend and are going to return for sure. And if you are in the Dallas Fort Worth area I suggest you check out this gem of a crafting retreat too because at 79.00 a night for all of this, it is a deal to not miss.

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  1. Love seeing the rest of the pictures. Thank so much for sharing…. you must of had so much fun!



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